Home to the glorious Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and The Queens Life Guards, the ‘dramatically modern and uncompromising’ Barracks are quite a sight!

The historic landmark was constructed in 1785 – four years before the French Revolution! The stables though, were only completed in 1970 – that is just a little less than the 202 years it took to pass the 27th Amendment in the United States.

Besides the general facts, did you know, the Household Cavalry carries out quite a few ceremonial duties on state and royal occasions in London – including the provision of a Sovereign’s Escort! The Household Cavalry is also famous for its Musical Ride. It has to be! It has been entertaining us (and our ancestors) for more than a century!

Beyond the provision of tradition and entertainment, the regiments have stood by London in times of deep unrest – during July 1982 for instance, the public found comfort in the bravery of Sefton, a British Army horse. Sadly, he was critically injured in the bombings but recovered sufficiently to return to active service and was subsequently awarded “Horse of the Year“.

The Barracks are evidently iconic to London’s identity and history – not the first structure that comes to mind, but definitely worth a visit!

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