How often do we hear how a career falls into your life quite by accident? Victoria Neave’s career blossomed quite by chance; a  friend wanted some flowers from New Covent Garden Market and she said she’d collect them, immediately smitten with the market and of course by the wild variety of flowers, it is always a learning curve. When she works for clients she tries to capture the essence they are trying to create giving them all the options available in the Market, often using flowers they may not have seen before or dramatic concepts that just fit the occasion.

She built her business entirely by reputation, every client has been recommended and she sources and arranges flowers for the most intimate of  lunches and dinners to full on events and parties and then supplies regular weekly deliveries and anything in between. She takes great care to meet with clients and discuss their thoughts and translate them into the finished product?  Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious and she loves teaching small classes at her studio in Chelsea. This tends to start with a predawn trip to New Covent Garden market fuelled with coffee before guiding clients with practical help to create anything from a tied bouquet to wiring for buttonholes! It is so impressive and although you may think it daunting, floristry is an art and a life skill that can be fine-tuned and enjoyed by everyone!  The perfect gift for a friend would be to watch and join the artist at work and then get cracking with your own creations.

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