Need a new reason to get up in the morning? Enrich your life by finding and developing your next passion, with tips from psychologist Angela Duckworth.

Here are five steps to help identify your next passion or cultivate one you already have.

  1. Clear out the distractions

One reason you may not know your passion: you have not given yourself the time and space to pursue it. Now, many of the distractions in our lives are non-negotiable, however what about the ones that are. Reflect on how you are using your time, and whether or not you want to be distracted by these temptations

  1. Think of a passion as like an internship

Just like an internship, a passion is something you learn by doing. “You can’t figure things out on paper, or think about them,” says Duckworth. “That’s not how you develop a passion — you have to do things”

  1. Be patient

During the learning period, you will need to have persistence. In keeping with Duckworth’s rules, make sure you give yourself a real chance before you move on to another activity. As you progress with your activity, look out for this sign that you are nurturing a passion

  1. Stay motivated by remembering the bigger picture

Every passion has its share of less exciting moments. The secret to not letting them derail you is to see how every way you engage with your passion, no matter how small or dull,  is a step towards something bigger

  1. Avoid burnout with this one weird trick

It is possible to go overboard while pursuing a passion. Are you just not making progress like you want to? Is your passion less fun than it used to be? Duckworth suggests, “The first thing I’d ask is: Are there objective things you can do to just take care of yourself?” Ask yourself if you’re really burning out on your passion or if you just need more sleep”

So I ask what is your passion?


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