Ed who has been working for us this summer tells us about his experience in the Fastnet race 2017:

“Last week I competed in The Fastnet, a 650 mile offshore yacht race, that has been described as the “Everest of sailing” which presents an enormous challenge to all competitors. During the race tiredness, physical fatigue and the weather must all be overcome in order to reach the finish line. Our biggest challenge came before the race had even started when our steering gear failed leaving us unable to turn the boat. Through some excellent problem solving and teamwork we fixed this and only started the race 40 minutes late. From there it was a long upwind battle to the Fastnet rock, arriving 60 hours later with the sun rising behind us and with many competitors in sight. We then turned back south and with moderate winds, fantastic weather and dolphins playing in our wake arrived in Plymouth just under 100 hours after we had left Cowes. The lessons learnt and the experiences will last a very long time, and are very applicable to everyday life: pushing on when you are tired, thinking clearly under pressure and relying on your team.”

By Ed Haynes

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