As you head into your final year at University, big decisions need to be made. It has finally dawned on you that it is time to address the career issue :-/

Fortunately, all the key indicators of what you enjoy and will be good at are probably there already – it’s just a case of translating them into marketable skills.

Consider your strengths

Are you numerate? Interested in current affairs? Inquisitive mind? Devour the FT and the Economist for pleasure? If you are busy nurturing your virtual portfolio, and spend all your free time spread betting online, then you may want to try financial services. Whether you’re a fledgling analyst, broker, fund manager or interested in any of the other wealth (geddit?) of opportunities the financial sector offers, contact Digby, who can help you on your way.

Do you have excellent writing skills?  Like chatting to people? Are a natural when it comes to collaborating on projects or research?  If your bedroom is plastered in your own designs, you love writing letters and your fellow students would ask you to proof their dissertations, then client facing roles, marketing or communications may be the thing for you.

There is no shame in being a meccano addict in your early 20s. Or indeed building model aeroplanes in the basement. If you’re logical, interested in how things work, then perhaps engineering is for you. Equipped with your Leatherman and bike puncture repair kit, you will be seriously in demand both when your neighbours popcorn machine is on the blink, and in the job market after you graduate.

Do you arrange all the parties? Were you perhaps Head Boy or Girl? Team captain and arranger of the ceilidh (happy to demonstrate your moves!) If you take full control of the house utilities and are the first point of contact for the landlord, then you could be absolutely brilliant in business support – no doubt starting there to become the next Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer… endless opportunities! We’d love to hear from you.

It’s essential to know yourself before you start your job search – call us to discuss! 020 7588 8999

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