If you want to ace an interview, make sure you do plenty of research in advance.

Stating the obvious, it is so important that you are well informed; interviewers will judge your knowledge about the firm as an indicator of your interest.

A quick scoot through Google on your way to the interview will not be sufficient.  A couple of hours the night before are essential – get the facts fresh in your mind so you go into the interview with confidence and make a great first impression.

If your research is not illuminating and the company prefers to be private and under the wire with little information openly available online, get in touch with your Recruitment Consultant to go through all the details that you are unclear about, write a list of questions and make sure you have all the answers well in advance of your interview.

Here are some for you to consider

  • Who are you interviewing with? Their background? i.e. how long have they been at the firm, what they were doing before. This way, if it comes into conversation, they will know that you have come prepared and you can build a rapport quickly
  • What does the company actually do? This may seem blindingly obvious but it is really important to understand how the company makes money. Where they are market leaders
  • Research the department or team you are interviewing with. Try to find out who you would be working with, what their backgrounds are and how you could add value to their team
  • Research the company’s key players, recent news and Thought Leadership. Make sure you know who the Leadership Team are, what the strategic plan is for the company. If the company writes a blog, make sure you read it, this will give you an insight into the “personality” or corporate culture of the firm
  • Make sure you are aware of any recent public activity i.e. philanthropy, M&A and personnel changes, company announcements, results, etc.
  • Finally, research the firm’s competitors

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