It’s the question we all get a bit nervous about, but shouldn’t because we are bound to leave a company at some stage of our lives. This question usually arises in the early stage of the interview so that the interviewer can understand the reason for your career move.  Know your CV and be prepared to make two statements about each employer without hesitation:

  1. What you learned and your experience gained from the previous job is an indicator on how you will perform in your next role
  2. Why you left. Every job requires an acceptable reason as to why you left. Think ALDRICH to identify acceptable reasons for leaving your previous employer:
  • Advancement- there was no career growth or opportunity
  • Location: it was an unreasonably long or difficult commute
  • Drive: impact in a more prestigious company
  • Rewards: you felt underpaid for your contribution and skills
  • Investment: wanting  new skills and training
  • Challenges: seeking new environments and business sectors
  • Happiness: you wanted to be a part of a better company

For example: “I worked at a really well established company but there was nowhere for me to grow and I really needed new challenges”. Remember to keep it short and simple and don’t bad mouth your last company, if they want more information they will ask.

Now let’s go for it!

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