The bulk of businesses succeed or fail based on the effectiveness of their board; and the best boards succeed not just on the ability of their directors, but on the quality and efficiency of the information they receive.

Board Intelligence power boardroom conversations for us, easyJet, WH Smiths, Aviva, Bank of New York Mellon and ITV among many other public sector and FTSE businesses. Beginning life as a strategy consultancy, providing best-practice training and guidance to leading boards, they have productised their expertise into a single, digital reporting platform from which businesses can inform and overhaul the effectiveness of their board.

The ‘Write’ component enables insightful reporting, allowing members to generate meaningful, easily understood analysis via a library of helpful templates, advisory material and analysis tools. ‘Manage’ provides a customisable workflow for meeting preparation with simple file uploads and information requests used to eliminate cumbersome administrative tasks. Finally, the intuitive digital library, ‘Read’, supports secure storage of all board papers including intuitive tools for search, access and annotation. In all, Board Intelligence make software that revolutionises the information boards receive and the performance of the board as a whole.

With the culture of a start-up but the financial stability and maturity of an established company, Jennifer Sundberg and Pippa Begg, Co Chief Executives lead a firm that is bold about everything they do, take educated risks and approach any new project with ambition and creativity. With ~250 clients and nearly 10,000 end users,  they have ambitious goals to grow the business and we’re looking for bright, motivated, brilliant people to help them do this.

We are proud to work for Board Intelligence and if you feel you’d like a career with the firm email me and if you are on a board that needs more effective communication contact I can tell you the impact is huge and transformational. Look forward, grow and build a great business or a great career within a great business!

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