Over coffee at South Place’s Chop House I caught up with Kawika Solidum to talk about his work as Chief Executive of BeyondMe.  BeyondMe is a social enterprise that brings together professionals, businesses and charities to make a meaningful impact on the world beyond them.

It mobilises business professionals to form a team (of 7) to pool their skills and expertise to help tackle causes important to them. Each team is made up of young professionals and one senior leader from a business.

Together they donate their time (150 hours per team per year), skills and money to a charity project on BeyondMe’s portfolio for one year.  To date, they have launched over 150 teams, generating over £560,000 in value to over 85 charities.

As Kawika says: It’s our business to empower business professionals to use their invaluable resources in a different context delivering meaningful value to their chosen charity, and I know this is just as much about their affinity to a social mission as it is about the camaraderie of working in a purposeful team.’

To quote Gaenor Bagley, Head of Corporate Purpose, PwC: We work with BeyondMe because they inspire our people to develop skills, grow networks and deepen relationships with colleagues. We encourage businesses to partner with BeyondMe as a way to complement community engagement and talent development.’

I left inspired, this opportunity would make the world of difference to many of our client’s teams.  If you are interested to learn more about BeyondMe and their projects, information can be found at www.beyondme.org

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