Passionate about baking? Have a consistent need to churn out those yummy carrot cupcakes? Start a baking business from home!

It’s not as daunting as it sounds – so long as your goods taste absolutely scrumptious, the rest is attention to detail! So how do you go about it? Here are a few simple tips!

  • Product range: create a niche! Do not offer everything under the sun – maybe keep up with current trends, think organic maybe? Gluten-free? Sugar-free? Alternatively, be innovative altogether and experiment!
  • Supplies: you will not have access to wholesalers just yet and you cannot rely on local grocery stores to, say – buy truckloads of icing sugar (well – bags really). One option is to look into sourcing from reliable online sellers.
  • Branding: want your business to be seen as a provider of high-quality premium products or healthy alternatives? It all needs to reflect in your packaging and pricing!
  • Marketing: tap into social media – it’s cost-effective and easy. Regularly update your pages – post photos, ask questions and be interactive! Put your business out there!
  • The legal side: be aware of  hygiene/kitchen inspection requirements where you live before you register your business. Ignoring health and safety laws is a recipe for a business going bust! We would advise going through the UK Government’s website page that lists all the rules and regulations (

There! We made it all easy for you; now get bakin’! And while you are getting your entrepreneur-self out and about, treat yourself to a quick and easy Chocolate Mug Cake!


All-purpose flour: two tablespoons
Brown sugar: two tablespoons
Cocoa powder: one tablespoon
Baking powder: half a teaspoon
Salt: a pinch
Butter: one and a half tablespoon, melted
Milk: one and a half tablespoon
Egg: half of one whisked egg
Vanilla essence/extract: a drop (or two)
Bitter-sweet chocolate bits: one tablespoon


In a microwave-safe mug, mix all the dry ingredients with a fork. Add the melted butter, milk and the egg. Mix well with a fork and add chocolate bits. Microwave on medium high, starting with 30 seconds and then,  in increments of 10 seconds until you are looking at a gooey chocolatey piece of heaven! Enjoy with a scoop of Green and Black’s vanilla ice-cream on top!

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