Today we celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the incorporation of Aldrich & Company. With 56 days to go until we opened the office in Salisbury House we were busy designing stationery, signing leases, hiring staff and working out what the internet was and whether it would be useful. Back in 1994 the Internet was the next big thing in TECHNOLOGY – hot enough to warrant Time Magazine doing a cover story on IT which began by explaining what IT was.  That year a book was published by Ziff-Davis and written by Mark Butler on How to Use the Internet where we were informed on the subject of E-mail: “Never forget that electronic mail is like a postcard. Many people can read it easily without your ever knowing it. In other words, do not say anything in an e-mail message which you would not say in public.”  And now with us being City Slickers perhaps we should be considering the latest in Nokia’s mobile range – with the 2112 and its familiar Nokia ringtone filling the air!

Aldrich & Company