With London fashion week having just come and gone for another year, we thought it was fitting to address interview and work attire. Here are our 3 top tips when dressing for an interview or the office:

What is the company culture?

How you would dress for an interview within the fashion industry vs. the financial industry will vary enormously. So make sure you do some research within the corporate website, specifically looking at the ‘about us’ or ‘employees’ page – as you may be able to see pictures of employers attire. By doing your research, you should be able to get a feel for what everyone else is wearing within the office – allowing you to walk in for an interview or your first day looking and, therefore, feeling like part of the team.

Tread with care on trends!

You should try to express your personality within your attire, as your bright pink earrings may be the talking point which holds you in the forefront of the employer’s mind. However, don’t over-do the new leopard print trend and end up detracting the employer from what is important, you! Think maybe a leopard print shoe or bag vs. the dress, shoes and bag! You can still let your personality shine through, but subtlety is key.

Plan ahead!

We think it is important to try your interview or first day at work attire on the night before. This way, you can guarantee you feel confident in what you are wearing, without having to faff in the morning to ensure your shirt goes with your trousers and instead focus on the job at hand.

Aldrich & Company