Thousands of final year university students are being burdened with the stress of lengthy and rigorous application processes onto Graduate Schemes for large companies. Many spend their valuable final year applying, interviewing, and competing for the few highly competitive places, against many applicants who may already have ‘fast track’ placements. This often leads to disappointment and fear of what to do next.

There is no denying that graduate schemes (if you are lucky enough to get onto one) will get you into an above averagely paid role with multiple benefits and the possibility of a job at the end. There are downsides to these schemes:

  • Time taken in filling out applications
  • Often less flexibility in the role
  • A tendency for students to take the first job that is offered to them

Students do have other options besides Graduate Schemes.


  1. Internships
  • These will help you to understand what you are actually interested in, before entering into a binding agreement with a large company
  • They enable you to broaden your horizons to the world of work and gain incredibly useful experience going forward


  1. Networking
  • Use your contacts and be open to all opportunities, you never know what could come out of a simple coffee meeting or phone call
  • Create a strong CV and LinkedIn profile to really increase your chances of getting great job


  1. Applying to small-medium companies, exposing yourself to the ‘start up scene’.
  • This gives you far more flexibility, variety and exposure within the company with responsibility and the ability to see your own work and its contribution to the progress of a company


  1. Applying directly to companies through RECRUITMENT AGENCIES!
  • Agencies, such as Aldrich and Company, act as the ‘middle man’ between students and companies. We effectively find the best student/company matches, getting you where you want to be straight out of university
  • Multiple job opportunities are hidden and only advertised through specific agencies
  • It is a much less competitive environment to ease yourself into an excellent career path, allowing you to focus more on your studies in you final year and give you the greatest chances for success in the future and straight out of university

Remember to be open to the multiple routes available, and if you need any further advice about any of the above, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7588 8999.

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