You cannot go wrong if you follow these 5 tips!

  • Make an outstanding first impression: Whatever the role, the first impression is vital so you need to show all of your best traits. So what exactly do people look for? Put fear aside – be enthusiastic, confident and trust-worthy so that the interviewer feels confident about placing you in the role.
  • Do your research: find out everything you can about the company you are applying for, the role you are interviewing for and the industry. By showing commitment, knowledge and passion for your future job, the interviewer will definitely be impressed!
  • Make sure you know your CV back to front: This includes dates, why you left each old position, what your position was and the responsibilities you had. Make sure that everything on your CV is transparent and relevant!
  • Don’t forget eye contact: Your interviewer wants to hire an engaged person. Do not leave anyone out if there is more than one interviewer in the room.
  • Finally, be prepared in every way! Check the location, time to get there, dress code, rehearse some practise questions, take along your CV and any other supporting documentation.

Application of these points and you are sure to shine!

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