• Turn up early. Bring all the required correct documents. Switch off your phone. Stern tone intended.
  • Presentation: First impressions count, and the devil is in the detail.
  • Posture: Shoulders back – imagining an invisible thread running from the crown of your head to the ceiling should help.
  • Be engaged. Eye contact and firm handshake will mask any nerves you might have.
  • Know your CV. Thoroughly. EVERYTHING. Your GSCE results. The surname of your first ever boss and what they’re doing now. Quirky facts that no one else would know about the companies you’ve worked for. Be able to explain any gaps. Be enthusiastic, interesting and specific

We will do our utmost to find you a fantastic role. We can’t wait to meet you – do call me to fix a meeting.  020 7588 8999 georgia@aldrich.co.uk

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